13 March 2018


The baby-shower is an American tradition, and for us, it is another reason to have a girls’ night. Why restrain ourselves, after all? Most of all since the Joone nappies will make this wonderful event even cuter!


Thus, we went to my best friend’s baby-shower armed with gifts, our best intentions and an adorable nappy cake.


Her mother-in-law and I decided on an Alice in Wonderland themed baby-shower, since it was kind of girly and off-the-wall. We also wanted a garden party like event, so we took advantage of my friend’s in-laws’ house in Normandy.



Step 1: The guests


Traditionally, it is a girl only party, with childhood friends, friends with kids, mother in-laws etc. I remember we tried to invite the spouses to the festivities, but it became obvious that spending an entire day playing games and eating cupcakes did not motivate them this much. We managed to keep the father-to-be and father-in-law for lunch, to go for a tennis game afterwards while we played our games.


Joone’s advice: to make a mix between girlfriends without children and girlfriends already that are already moms. Do not believe that only moms will be interested ... A nice party is a nice party! And it's important not to make your other girlfriends feel that they are not (yet) part of the club.



Step 2: The place


Obviously, we were lucky to have a garden on a sunny day. If you live in a big city like London, try to find a nice restaurant with a lounge room or a tea house. Just keep in mind not to forget that the future mother will be 7 or 8 months pregnant so it must be well installed to avoid getting tired too quickly.



Joone’s advice:  do not rent a place. Too much expense for something that can be done in a very nice way in a garden, an apartment, or a restaurant. Just let the hosts know about the event so they do not expect you to leave at 2:30 pm after lunch



Step 3: The cake


We wanted a wedding cake like cake since the mom-to-be (and myself) though it would be beautiful. For example, you can order it to a cake shop with a pastry chef or a factory like The Little Cake Factory or the Crumb Factory. Their cakes are absolutely wonderful.



Joone’s advice: If the mom-to-be has not revealed the baby’s gender already, you can make a gender reveal cake, with a blue or pink filling so that everyone get’s to know the gender at the same time.


Step 4: The cake…with nappies!


Since I work at Joone Paris, it was obvious I was going to make a nappy cake with our watermelon printed nappies because it suited well Alice in Wonderland theme.


While preparing the cake with Lucie, we thought that it could be nice to offer for sale kits « Do It Yourself » ready to use so you can make your own cake and customize it to perfection! So we put this into place and now you can find it on the website in the BOUTIQUE tab.  It's quite easy to do, especially when you have the right tools (small elastics that go well but are hard to find!).


Joone’s advice: The kit includes rubbers, the pedestal, ribbons, the nappies and a cuddly toy. Don’t hesitate to customise the cake with accessories.


  Step 5: The activities!


Now that everything is in place, you need to entertain your guests! And for this, we got our inspiration on American website. We kept the following, and very funny, games:


  • Guess what’s in my nappy


Melt some chocolate/fruit juices in a nappy, as if it was an actual dirty one. This way, you can make a photo album afterwards with pictures of our friend putting their nose in it for the future mommy. Lot’s of laughs in perspective!

I chose: Lemon Curd (yellow color), melted Mars and Twix, chestnut cream, and chocolate flavoured yogurt, but you can also use Nutella, melted chocolate, mixed mango, etc.


  • Baby price is right

A friend of mine had printed a dozen of product sheets for baby products, so we had to guess the prices of a stroller or a romper. A game full of surprises, especially for moms who buy second hand!


  • Baby blind test

Another of my friend helped us organising a baby themed blind test with very specific songs, and we had to guess the name of the singer/band. And since she is an amazing person, she made a playlist on Deezer, so everyone can use it.


  • Feed the baby

Another kind of blind test, since it consists in being blindfolded to guess the flavour of baby food.

  • Sloppy nappy relay

Still blindfolded, the members of each team has to change a fake baby’s nappy correctly, before passing the baby to another one, etc. The first team to finish wins!


Joone’s advice: Do two or three teams, spreading moms and non-moms for more equity! If you are a dozen, a mom-to-be VS mother-in-law’s team may be funnyJ


Joone’s advice 2: Organising a baby-shower is a team work. Some of your friends can help organising some activities so that everyone can participate!


Joone’s advice 3: If you have some nappies left from the kit “Do It Yourself” nappy cake, use them for the little games.


And happy baby-shower to you all!