05 March 2018

  It is always difficult for new parents to tell which product to use or not on their children. What if the best solution was the liniment? Adeline Voiret, our referent child care worker, tells you everything about this ancestral recipe and its multiple benefits.


Liniment: ancestral remedy and magic of chemistry


The liniment is a mix of limewater and vegetable oil, already used many centuries ago to treat burns. It has numerous benefits, and is the result of a little chemistry! The liniment has a basic pH due to the presence of limewater, whereas urine and stool has an acid pH. The chemical reaction is then very simple: the mix of an acidic with a basic pH gives a neutral pH, just like water.


Thus, the baby's bottom is not attacked by pH variations and remain healthy on a daily basis in all circumstances! A feat of which only the liniment is capable of.


It is also made of olive oil: natural greasy substance that hydrates and leaves a protective film on the skin.


At each nappy change bottom in good shape?


To maximise its benefits, apply the liniment every time you change your baby’s nappy.


It is quite simple to use: apply with a cotton pad or a clean linen without rinsing afterwards nor cleaning before –except in case the cutie’s wastes got a little out of control, of course.


No need for a diaper cream after applying the liniment either, even if the bottom looks irritated, since they both have the same protective benefits. The difference being that the liniment combines cleaning benefits and healthier components, since it is completely deprived of any petrol-based derivative.


For the bottom, but not only !


  • Massage

Just put a drop of liniment on your hands and rub them together. Then, massage the cutie’s body. It will hydrate and protect the skin against exterior aggressions.


  • Everyday routine

Liniment is a natural moisturizer that can be used daily on the baby's body.


  • Against “Cradle cap”

The liniment also works like magic on cradle cap. At bedtime, just put a thick layer of liniment on the body parts concerned and massage the skin with it. Leave all night. In the next morning, rub smoothly a comb through the hair and give a bath to clean the excess of product.


And no more cradle cap, magical!


How to choose your liniment:


In order to prevent any reaction, choose a product without perfume, closest to the ancestral recipe without adjuvants. It is important to make sure you choose the simplest possible formula.


Joone’s liniment includes only 6 ingredients. We chose to add sunflower oil to the formula because of its high content of linoleic acid: which regenerates, restructures and improves the cell renewal. Our formula is smooth, 100% healthy and free of any preservatives. Want to try it on?