16 March 2018


In Scandinavia, some babies take naps on the outside, even when the weather is freezing! How strange it sounds to us who worry about getting outside with the baby during winter. But rest ensured that you actually have no reason to strip yourselves of the pleasure of a little family stroll. All you need, is to be prudent.


Do not overheat the house!


How comfortable we are in the sofa by the fireplace, with a hot chocolate mug and a baby deep asleep in his crib, while frost is covering the window and every step outside feels like an expedition. It is not, however, necessary to put the heat to the maximum, and particularly in the baby’s room! Indeed, using that much energy to heat the house above 19 or 20° is quite negative for your electricity bill, the Earth and above all, for the baby. The temperature inside his room must not change, whatever the season.


Even during winter, your little angel doesn’t need anything else than a body, a warm pyjama and a sleeping bag. What you need to know is that babies don’t know how to regulate their temperature yet and, as they are quite static at this age, they’re often cold on the tips. Don’t hesitate then to add a cardigan, or a beany for a new born, it you deem it necessary.


To take a stroll with the baby in winter or not, that is the question!


Except in case of arctic cold temperatures (which are quite rare in our tempered climate zone) or if the baby is sick, there’s nothing preventing you from taking a stroll. The only condition, actually, is to be equipped and avoid brutal temperature changes. It means not going into overheated malls when it’s freezing cold outside, for instance.

This is why, when you subscribe to Joone, you can receive your nappies directly at home, without taking the baby outside, kicking and screaming because he’s too hot…or too cold.


You should rather take a 15-minutes stroll so everyone can breathe fresh air -which is as important for the baby as it is for you, stuck inside the house all day- without getting too far from the house in case the baby shows any sign of discomfort.


Dress the baby adequately for a pushchair or baby-carrier expedition


When going out with the pushchair, covering the baby and his extremities is essential, so don’t restrain on the equipment: jumpsuit, beany, mittens, blanked and sleeping bad. Just a little advice, get dressed first, so the baby doesn’t wait in his clothing while sweating.


When going out with a wrap or a carrier, do not dress the baby with a jumpsuit, since It will be unpractical and uncomfortable for him. If you use the wrap, the baby’s already muffled in several layers of fabric and already enjoys the best source of warmth possible: you! All he needs then is a pyjama, a beany and a cardigan. If the weather’s actually freezing, don’t hesitate to add a blanket or a fleece jacket before getting dressed, and cover his extremities with knee socks over the pyjamas.


And don’t forget to protect his skin!


During winter, don’t give him more than 3 baths a week, to avoid dry skin, and complete with a moisturiser on his body and face. Ideally, choose a cream as simple and nourishing, like a cold cream.