09 February 2018

Parents of twins are everyday superheroes ! Change two JOONE diapers at the same time ? No problem. Install two car seats in 1 minute chrono? Easy ! On a daily basis, parents of twins, Beyoncé and George Clooney included, however, hear a lot of crazy comments !

“Good luck !” 

It's probably what parents of twins hear the most. As if that was not enough of a shock to learn you're going to have two babies instead of one... No need to add more !

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“Are they real twins ?”

Two options here : to embark on a well-documented scientific explanation of dizygotic, monozygotic twins, bichorial or mono-amniotic pregnancy. Or choose to answer that you know one thing for sure her : yes, it is indeed two REAL babies. 

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“Do you mix them up sometimes ?”

Yes, twin babies usually look alike. But, as a parent, you know for sure who is who (Did I say "For sure" ?)

“Twins ? How awful ! ”

So it's a blessing those two adorable babies were born in our family, not yours. 

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“You won't sleep anymore. Never”

The expression "Sleep like a baby" was probably invented by childfree people. No doubt. So yes, maybe nights will be short for a while. But nursing, cuddling or singing lullabies even at midnight are unforgettable memories. 


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“Why aren't they dressed in identical clothes ?”

Because we are not in Shining

“They can't be twins, they don't look alike at all !”

It's weird because I remember quite well them being born in the same day. Twins can look alike, or not, they can be a girl and a boy, or two boys, they are still twins. But before being twins, they are two children that we love dearly.

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“It's a natural pregnancy ?”

Not natural, supernatural ! Picture this, for several month, there was 3 hearts beating in my body. Isn't is a miracle ? (And yes, IVF increase chances of having twins but it's our journey, our story)

“Are they telepathic ?”

Oh yes ! And they even manage to move objects with their eyes and travel through time. It's so much fun.

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“Two is enough !”

Some couples want two children, some want 6. Having twins is not a curse and surely doesn't mean you're done having children. And you know what ? Sometimes, a couple tries for a third child and...have twins again. It even happened to famous tennis player Roger Federer...

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Here at Joone, we love twins !  Lucie has a twin sister and Thomas a twin brother.  So we wanted to give the parents of twins in our community a special offer, which is both practically and financially effective. We offer all parents of twins a 50% reduction on their second lifetime subscription (£97.35 instead of £129.80 for the two subscriptions).

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